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‘Cooking for heroes’: Michelin-starred restaurant helps Berlin medics fight coronavirus

BERLIN A Michelin-starred restaurant in Berlin forced to close its doors by the coronavirus lockdown has turned the culinary expertise to helping to feed doctors, nurses, cops and medical personnel who are not able to work from home.

“We are doing ‘Cooking for heroes’, that means we are cooking for people in operational professions where it’s not an option to work from home, ” claimed Max Strohe, head chief cook and co-owner of Tulus Lotrek.

Restaurants, cinemas, health clubs and most merchants have been closed since mid-March in Germany, which has described nearly 43, 000 situations of the coronavirus and 253 deaths, in the hope associated with slowing the pass on of the disease and reducing the pressure on hospitals.

The soups, goulash and curries lovingly cooked by Strohe great staff happen to be helping to preserve hundreds of doctors, nurses as well as other medical staff members at the Jewish Hospital as they treat people with the pathogen.

“I saw a post from Tulus Lotrek with the hashtag ‘cooking for heroes’ and I thought, we have a lot of heroes stationed here in the operational sector, and I sent them an email, ” said hospital spokeswoman Jessica Maass.

“The very next day I received an email. It was a yes, the only question was: ‘How many meals should we send you? ‘ and then the very next day, 400 portions of great food came to us. ”

Strohe said he magnificent staff have been overwhelmed by means of “heartwarming” messages of support from those who have enjoyed the meals and from their family members.

Brigitte Seelig, deputy head of the nursing department at the hospital, said the exquisite meals provided a welcome break from hospital canteen food.

“It’s excellent food – Michelin-starred foodstuff! It’s a little something good for the moment, ” she said with a smile.