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Pentagon looking to provide up to 100,000 body bags for civilians in virus outbreak

WASHINGTON The Pentagon is looking to supply up to 100, 000 system bags for proper use by civilian authorities for the reason that coronavirus herpes outbreak worsens in the United States with a high death cost expected throughout coming days.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency possesses requested 75, 000 such bags on the U. S. Department regarding Defense, a new Pentagon recognized told Reuters on Wednesday.

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is working with the present contractor with additional ability, the official stated.

The initial delivery will happen from DLA stocks since the contractor ramps up production, according to the established, who talked on condition of anonymity. The DLA would not yet have a specific supply date request from FEMA, but the firm wants the plastic bags as soon as they can be ready.

Bloomberg had described earlier that this Pentagon has been looking at shopping for more human body bags and therefore it will bring some in the beginning from a stockpile of 50, thousand that it keeps.

A FEMA spokesman cited by Bloomberg said that the agency was making “prudent” plans for future needs, which included preparations for “mortuary contingencies” coming from U. S. states.

The Troop Support unit regarding DLA is responsible for managing typically the Pentagon’s save up of the natural nylon, 94-inch by 38-inch body luggage, which are normally used in warfare zones.

The development comes as the United States is looking in increasing amount of deaths from your coronavirus episode, with Reuters’ tally featuring more than 4, 500 deaths and over two hundred, 000 infection in the country.

President Donald Trump and his leading healthcare brokers urged Americans to follow strict social distancing measures prior to a “tough two weeks” that could see at least 100, 000 deaths from the coronavirus.