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Canada’s Trudeau says U.S. blockage of medical exports would be a mistake

OTTAWA Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday said blocking 3M Co’s rendered of respirators to effectively Canada and Latin America could fail, a day after President Donald Trump prompted a law to stay the necessary necessities in the United States.

Trump slammed 3M in a very special tweet behind schedule on Thursday after much earlier saying he was invoking the Defense Production Act to have the home to produce safety face masks through the coronavirus flare-up.

In his day after day news broadcast conference before his home in Ottawa, Trudeau noticed that a large number of dentists cross south of the border to operate in Detroit each day.

“These are things that Americans rely on and it would be a mistake to create blockages or reduce the amount of back and forth trade of essential goods and services, including medical goods, across our border,” Trudeau said.

“That is the point we happen to be producing remarkably clearly with the American control right this moment,” he added.

3M said on Friday it would increase production of respirators and import more masks into the United States, while it warned that blocking exports could result in retaliation by other countries that could ultimately reduce the amount of equipment available.

Canada has recorded almost 12,000 cases of the illness caused by the new coronavirus and the death toll jumped by almost 20% from Thursday, according to data posted by the country’s public health agency on Friday.

The agency said cases rose by about 16% to 11,747 from 10,132 a day earlier, and deaths climbed to 152 from 127 on Thursday.

Doug Ford, the premier of Ontario – Canada’s most-populous province – said on Friday he had spoken to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer about the Trump administration move to block 3M exports of masks.

“The health and well-being our table personnel relate to these core health care materials and currently more than ever our international locations are required to have interaction to offset COVID-19,” Ford said on Twitter.

Ford said on Thursday he would release sobering internal projections on the potential spread and death toll of the coronavirus in Ontario later on Friday.

Separately, Trudeau said Amazon Canada will manage the distribution of personal protection equipment to the provinces. He said Quebec has requested that the Canadian Armed Forces be sent to northern communities to assist isolated and remote communities in managing the coronavirus outbreak.