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Ex-NYU hospital employee who refused flu vaccine sues over his firing

A former employees at NYU Langone Medical Center accused of the New York City emergency room on Friday, announcing it explicitly dismissed him as he refused on sacred reason to obtain a obligatory virus vaccine.

Mitchell Weiner said he cannot be charge with illegal trespass terminated in March 2017 after 9-1/two years of job, most recently as link leader of business venture products, because of the fact that the sickbay declined to withstand his “sincerely held religious belief that prohibited him from obtaining a flu vaccine.”

In his claim proceeded to file in central the legal court in Manhattan, Weiner said the healthcare facility unwanted his call for an freedom, and hasn’t reply to his apply for a “reasonable accommodation” to function slightly out of the house.

Weiner said his job involved no contact with participants, and that he cannot be charge with illegal trespass aflame three to four weeks when they are suspended without worrying about pay the bill for denying the vaccine restriction, which actually took effect in October 2014. The complaint did not denote Weiner’s creed.

NYU Langone, that will as many testing centers is currently keen on treating participants which have COVID-19, the possible dangerous breathing problem health problem caused by the novel coronavirus, didn’t straightaway answer to an faxed ask for remark.

Andrew Frisch, them to at Morgan & Morgan which represents Weiner, didn’t promptly answer to letter of invitation for remark.

Weiner is looking for unspecified compensatory and corrective issues for hypothetical devotional unfairness and reprisal which typically contravened Title VII along the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

He sued after receiving a Dismissal and Notice of Right to Sue last time due to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, where he rank a unfairness payment in June 2017.

The case is Weiner retracted NYU Langone Hospitals, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 20-02786.

For litigant: Andrew Frisch of Morgan & Morgan

For NYU Langone: Not known