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Latvia reports first death of a COVID-19 patient: health ministry

RIGA Latvia informed its first death of one even with the brand new coronavirus on Friday, each time a 99-year-old ladies passed on to the great beyond within the infirmary in Riga, health and fitness bureau said.

“The Ministry of Health confirms that the first patient diagnosed with COVID-19 has died in Latvia today,” it said within the announcement, including that the virus were not made the cause of the loss but still her other primary chronic illnesses.

According to the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Latvia has 493 arrived at history of the most recent coronavirus.

The Baltic the world is implementing tough means to attempt to reduce the spread of a given malware, banned all general public events and social events of more than 2 different people, with others offending the restrictions dangering country of up to 2,000 euros.

Latvia has as well invalidate all worldwide flight tickets, delivery, railroad and box web traffic up to the point mid-April.