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Love in time of coronavirus: octogenarians picnic at Danish-German border

AVENTOFT, Germany Two octogenarian couples, one who live in Denmark as well as having the other in Germany, are disposed to keep encounter every day to produce a party along with a dialogue around the outer reaches, which was around help reduce the development of one’s coronavirus.

Inga Rasmussen, eighty-five, who exactly under Gallehus toward the Danish part, observed Karsten Tuechsen Hansen, 89, year ago. Both widowed, these swiftly fell in love.

Like many companions worldwide in this time frame of one’s coronavirus virus and restrictions on free excersise, they face tough situations in meeting up with way up but they’re not effortlessly deterred.

Rasmussen now stimulates towards the boundary with deckchairs and he rides then on in his rowdy 20. Then they remain on both sides considering the red-and-white blockade in to crunch crackers and sip schnapps diluted with water by having warm water typically from carafe flask.

“There’s no two ways about it. Love goes on… It’s nice to see each other once a day like this. We can’t hug or kiss, but she’s here and we can talk about what’s new,” said Hansen.

“To love, to fitness and for long career,” he said, raising his cup in a toast.

Germany and Denmark introduced border controls two weeks ago as part of efforts to slow the spread of the virus.