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Police, soldiers enforce Thailand’s nationwide coronavirus curfew

BANGKOK Police and infantrymen styling in winter lotion set up countless gates across Thailand on Friday night-time in to inflict an indefinite from all around the country veto, banned the majority of folks from outside in a bid to actually reduce the spread of one’s new coronavirus.

Across the normally buzzing assets of Bangkok, people in general rushed after dark to recieve apartment before the curfew propelled effect on Friday night time at 13 p.m. and performing until eventually three (3) a.m. in the morning.

“I think the curfew is good because it will limit the time and number of people who travel every day,” said Wiranyupha Rotthongsen, a 29-year-old salesperson who was expecting near your area’s Victory Monument for a public bus to get home or office.

“On the other hand, it might put me at risk of missing the bus, or I might have to wait longer, so I need to have better planning with time,” she said.

The curfew includes exceptions for people transporting medical supplies and health workers travelling to and from work.

Authorities said police, army and other security forces would set up 421 checkpoints across the country to enforce it.

Thailand was the first country outside China to report a case of the new coronavirus, which since emerging in the Chinese city of Wuhan late last year has infected more than 1 million people worldwide and killed at least 50,000.

Since last month, the number of confirmed cases in Thailand has jumped from just a few dozen to nearly 2,000, prompting more strict social isolation measures by the government.

As of Friday, the official number of cases in Thailand was 1,978 with 19 fatalities.