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Polish president says postal voting possible for May election: media

WARSAW Postal giving your voice could allow Poland’s presidential elections to be locked in May despite the coronavirus, President Andrzej Duda said with in question posted on Saturday, amid indicators the that govern union could cut up over the problem.

The nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) event would like to possess elections on May ten(10) despite the widespread, and most definitely has suggested regulation to direct postal code ballots to replace abusive then vote.

A more complimentary third merger partners, Accord, said it was actually unrealistic to use on the voting in to begin and planned a stoppage of 2 years.

“This solution (postal voting) was used a few days ago in Bavaria,” Duda explained the Catholic day-to-day newspaper Nasz Dziennik.

“We can also introduce this idea here … Postal voting would be something new in Poland, but the situation is unusual.”

Asked if elections should make place if they don’t on May 13, Duda said the vote should be staged when it is trustworthy to even try.

In a symptom of one’s party’s determination to run postal code then vote, PiS on Friday displaced the head of this very snail mail by using Tomasz Zdzikot, who is able to abandon his blog post as a Deputy Defense Minister.

Polish on a regular basis Rzeczpospolita marked a source along with familiarity with the problem as saying PiS wished an ever growing dedicated as proceed considering the postal outlet at such a essential time.

Poland has levied spanning exclusions on community life to bring an end to the development considering the infection, including last educational institutions, park areas, nature and lodges and excluding social events not from a little over individuals, without family members.

As of Saturday, it had confirmed thee,503 cases of the coronavirus and 73 passing away.

Duda chastised the European Commission inside of the interrogation to acquire a absence of promote in the widespread.

“As a country we have not received any extra financial help from Brussels,” he explained.

“You can’t see any great engagement from European institutions…concerning the activity of the European Commission, I must say it looks pretty poor,” he said.