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U.S. Army Corps views over 650 sites for possible retooling for coronavirus fight

WASHINGTON The Army Corps of Engineers has evaluated a little over 650 web pages close to the United States that could possibly be converted into facilities for the cover to handle coronavirus sufferers or other be useful to handle the escalating pandemic.

Lieutenant General Todd Semonite informed editors inside the Pentagon where he had acquired 750 requests to view sites, from which generally 673 was looked over.

Semonite announced if measuring sites, he told area top leaders some would serve to get rid of coronavirus sufferers, particularly meeting facilities which were converted into medical facilities.

The Pentagon said it will now allow people which have COVID-19, the condition caused by the new coronavirus, to be treated for the Javits Center in New York, a facility in New Orleans, Louisiana and something Dallas, Texas.

Previously, only non-coronavirus participants had been handled at everyone websites.

“We understand that introducing COVID-19 positive patients into the (federal medical station) environments elevates the risk of transmission to other patients and our medical providers,” the Pentagon announcement said.

“This decision was risk-informed and made to ensure that (the Department of Defense) can continue to provide these local communities the type of medical care they most need,” it said.

The Pentagon also added that the Navy health care centre ship Comfort, mounted in New York, could now allow sufferers on your via a very easy pier-side showing which would payment for heat and a very short survey.

Until recently, the transport vital neighborhood hospitals to carry out a finished coronavirus try and anticipate a damaging end before being permitted on board.