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Zimbabwe turns water cannon on coronavirus

HARARE Zimbabwe’s monitor started to applying water mortar on Friday to actually sterilize marketplaces and public bus scores, changing instruments involved with repression into guns against the new coronavirus.

Zimbabwean control have a reputation for heavy-handed approaches against government rivals, along with outspread protesters with the use of normal water. But spokesperson and helper commissioner Paul Nyathi said the force had formed a partnership with resources to choose such a mortar to wash off highly-populated places of the capital city Harare.

Reuters witnesses saw clean water shooter employing drained, casual marketplaces in Mbare cities close to the metro area middle, together with the exterior of a obstruct of residential construction flat shoes.

“This is what they are really meant for, not to deny citizens their freedom. Good work,” wrote @duchessmasiziba on Twitter, at which President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government often is available in for critique.

Harare city borough council turned out to be delivering ingredients, and bus stations together with other towns would definitely be new, Nyathi informed Reuters.

“Besides providing security for the nation, the police have decided to partner local authorities to (disinfect) certain areas taking advantage of the lockdown as we join the fight against the coronavirus,” he said.

Zimbabwe, which could have posted one death from nine history of the COVID-19 illness, took a 21-day lockdown on Monday, finish most organizations and limiting attendees to residence.