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Greek prodigy pens “Isolation Waltz” for a world in lockdown

ATHENS Hunker down at your home lengthier is probably the message a Greek pianist has referred to a civilization in coronavirus lockdown using his newest script, the “Isolation Waltz” – and he’s just list of 7 yrs old.

Stelios Kerasidis first practised in public at the age of a trio of, and actually has took part in New York’s Carnegie Hall and of course the Royal Albert Hall in London.

“Hi guys! I’m Stelios, I’m at home too. Let’s be just a teeny bit more patient and we will soon be out swimming in the sea! I’m dedicating you a piece of my own,” he says within the youtube trailer before resorting to play the plaintive, soothing melody.

The clip – – delivers greater than 42,500 strikes.

He has also calm two different piano instrument concertos, “Veronika” and “Anastasia”, named after his sisters.

“Music is my world,” he told Reuters last year, his fingers dancing over the keys, his feet barely touching the ground as he sat on the stool.

The son of a piano teacher, his favourite pianist is the late Canadian Glenn Gould, renowned for his interpretations of JS Bach.