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Pet adoptions jump for Belgian animal shelter in virus lockdown

PERWEZ, Belgium A Belgian animal shelter that will save you 1, 800 abandoned plus mistreated cats and dogs a year offers seen some sort of spike within adoptions together with fewer domestic pets left for the streets because the coronavirus outbreak in the past calendar month.

Belgium features entered the fourth full week of lockdown, including the close-up of eateries, cafes and plenty of shops, however the Sans Collier (French to get ‘without a new collar’) sanctuary has been happen to be stay available.

Sebastien para Jonge, this shelter’s movie director, said right now there had been a good 15% increased adoptions, the 25% drop in the volume of animals it had taken in and a doubling of interest from persons wanting to adopt. But there were still a strong number for whom the result had been the polite “no”, or at least “not yet”.

“The confinement is for us, you could say, positive for adoptions because a number of people who had thought for the past months or years of adopting they find it is the right moment now to come and take an animal, ” he said.

However , the shelter has filtered out those who had not shown previous interest and, for example , had simply called to state this made sense to have a dog as a companion throughout lockdown.

“We’d have to say ‘no’, think about and it and maybe come back later. It’s something you really have to give serious thought to, ” de Jonge said.