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Explainer: Pyongyang calling – What we know about the hotlines to North Korea

SEOUL North Korea has stated it has been reducing internet and telephone hotlines which have South Korea, an approach the solitary region has utilized year after year during times of increasing stress.

At least 49 hotlines have been established between them Koreas to arrange non violent discussions, deconflict soldiers actions, assist sea and air web traffic, hold humanitarian meetings, and oblige on monetary concerns.

Most of all, the South can see the outline is considered an vital method to stop mistakes in case of a crisis.

Sometimes the lyrics find death in card when relations bitter, as they simply have once multilateral has dialogue slowed down over North Korea’s nuclear guns regimen and tough abroad punishment imposed on it.

Lines of communication channels were last dig in 2014 and superseded in 2018, if North Korean chief Kim Jong Un unveiled a peaceful rude after 2 years of intensive ballistic shell and atomic exams, as well as a zealous confrontation with U.S. President Donald Trump.

When North Korea has stopped communicating, South Korean officials still often make sure to consider each day while doing so, no matter if there can be no resolution.

South Korean officers have often times used the bullhorn to effectively scream texts round the outer edge for the Joint Security Area (JSA) in Panmunjom, the only real stain along side the seriously equipped demilitarized zone (DMZ) exactly where army from the two sides stand up in person.

In January 2018, while you’re North and South Korea located the first authentic discussing in additional when compared with year, liaison rescue groups spine using computer telephone appliances, each the dimensions of a small freezer or fridge.

That hotline goes back 1970s, while recent structures were usually fitted to 2009.

All of the hotlines run by the South’s Unification Ministry, which often handles post-war inter-Korean relationships, choose much the same equipment, as stated by the office.

The system contains a video display, hard drives, and USB usb and other ports, not to mention several colour-coded telephone service handhelds.

A scarlet phone is for phone calls from North Korea and South Korea has a green cell phone to create outgoing incoming calls to the North.

No other quantities can possibly be titled – the devices only connect to a version opposed to this. The two sides also utilize facsimile makers to purchase paper work.

Photos of a given exercise equipment utilised by the South Korean armed forces illustrate a string of skinny, olive-drab pc phones labelled “two-sided inter-Korean hotline.”

It is not known what the equipment looks like on the North’s side.

The spurt of inter-Korean talks that followed those January phone calls led to the opening of more hotlines, including – for the first time – a direct connection between the offices of South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

In 2019, South Korea’s prime minister revealed that the presidential hotline had never been used, and local media report it has not been used since.

The two Koreas also opened a liaison office in Kaesong, North Korea, where officials from both sides worked daily.

In January, that office was “for a short while” closed because of coronavirus worries, though the two sides had continued to hold daily phone calls from Seoul and Pyongyang.