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Tanzanian opposition leader attacked by unidentified people

DAR ES SALAAM Tanzania’s principal hostile front runner Freeman Mbowe was in fact scratched by unidentified people as the young anikan became his home early on Tuesday, his occasion said, the most current bad luck in to artwork the opposition ahead of holistic choice in October.

President John Magufuli, coined “the Bulldozer”, swept to power in 2015 promising an end to corruption. But he has been accused of curbing human rights including limiting freedom of expression and cracking down on leading opposition figures.

Mbowe, the leader of the opposition in parliament and chairman of the CHADEMA party, was set upon by the assailants as he was returning home just after midnight on Monday, party officials said.

“Unknown people in general bounded him and assaulted him before he bringing the door steps. Though they will had transported firearms, they didn’t use them,” said CHADEMA’s Secretary General, John Mnyika.

There were signs the assault was politically motivated, he said, because the perpetrators had mockingly asked Mbowe whether he would be able to carry on his campaign after the assault.

Police in the administrative capital Dodoma told a news conference they were investigating the incident but warned against politicising it.

“We are reading this experience and that we may never give anything to guarantee we’re asked the reality,” he added.

“This experience looks like others…it should not be tainted, it should not be operated for dogmatic features and any other item to obtain recognition.”

Mbowe, who along with other opposition lawmakers was found guilty of sedition in March, was rushed to a hospital in Dodoma, where he was receiving treatment, Mnyika said, without giving more details.

Tanzania’s ruling CCM party, and its predecessor TANU, have governed since independence from Britain in 1961.

Mbowe, who unsuccessfully ran for the presidency in a 2005 election, has not declared whether he will be a candidate in the October polls.

His deputy in CHADEMA, Tundu Lissu, has offered himself as a candidate in the presidential election. Lissu has been living in exile in Europe after he narrowly escaped assassination by unknown gunmen in Dodoma, back in September 2017.