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With healthcare in focus, Cyprus reopens for visitors

LARNACA, Cyprus Cyprus reopened its air-ports on Tuesday after almost 3 of lockdown, aiming its take down regarding the coronavirus widespread in conjunction with a vouch of free treatment for COVID-19 court cases will likely ensnare tourists to its sandy beaches.

Heavily reliant on commercial, Cyprus introduced a lockdown just after its first circumstances on March nine(9). By Monday, it had reported 970 instances or just eigteen passing away, and also its day-to-day record of new illness appeared to be into your restaurant one or two.

Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos received twenty-two arrivals from Israel at Larnaka Airport, saying Cyprus had outcomes lacking the hiv virus.

“I miss Cyprus, Cyprus is a brother of Israel, it’s very nice, very quiet,” said Israeli reader Joseph Amkri, 60.

Savvas Perdios, the replacing travel celebrant, said: “Our target is to reach 30% of where we were last year.”

The white sands of Ayia Napa’s Nissi Beach are particularly jammed with sunseekers, but were actually drain on Tuesday. “It’s the first time I’ve seen the beach this empty,” said lifeguard Xenios Charalambous.

“We’re working to pull through and pray a greater number come now that the airports are open. We’ll stay waiting for customers.”

Perdios said health protocols had been tightened and authorities would cover the medical costs of any visitor who tested positive for COVID-19 while on the island:

“This is really crucial to us all. To show certain people this may be a protected targeted destination, with the use of a reliable health and well-being structure.”

Initially, arrivals will be restricted to people who have tested COVID-19 free from a few countries including Germany, Israel and Greece. The requirement will be dropped for that group on June 20.

Cyprus says decisions about who to let in are based on the epidemiological data. Vistors from Russia and Britain, which are Cyprus’s main markets, are not yet included, though Perdios said he expected that to happen in mid-July.