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Full text of Philonise Floyd’s statement to U.S. Congress

Here is the wording of this very geared up evidence to your U.S. congressional detecting on Wednesday of Philonise Floyd, where the brother George Floyd’s demise below the lap involved in neutral tone cop awakened internationaly strikes against racial injustice:

“Chairman Jerrold Nadler and members of the Committee:

“Thank you for the invitation to actually be here presently to say my important male relative, George. The world knows him as George, but I referred to him Perry. Yesterday, most of the people deposited him to relax. It was the most difficult concern I’ve ever had to do. I’m the important bro now. So it turned out to be my job tends coziness our brothers and sisters, Perry’s little ones, and the entire community who possibly really loved him. And that’s a lot of people. I have to function as intense one now, because it’s what George would have done.

“And me being the big brother now is why I’m here today. To do what Perry always did for us – to take care of the family and others. I couldn’t take care of George the day he was killed, but maybe by speaking with you today, I can help make sure that his death isn’t in vain. To make sure that he is more than another face on a T-shirt. More than another name on a list that won’t stop growing.

“George always made sacrifices due to his relations. And he made deductions for complete strangers. He created the seldom where he was required to help others. He was our gentler enormous. I was reminded of your when I wondered why hd video of his brutality. He was soft mannered; he didn’t attack back. He overhead the cops. He identified as them ‘sir.’ The men who might carried his life span, that suffocated him for eight minutes of time and forty-six a minute. He nonetheless called one ‘sir’ because he entreated due to his life span.

“I can’t tell you the kind of pain you feel when you watch something like that. When you watch your big brother, who you’ve looked up to your whole life, die. Die begging for your mom.

“I’m sick. I’m tired of this pain I’m feeling now and I’m frustrated by this pain I feel anytime another black athlete is destroyed in no way. I’m here presently to contact that you definitely allow it to become terminate. Stop the suffering. Stop us being tired. George’s calls for help were actually ignored. Please play the international call I’m having to you personally now, towards the calls of our own loved ones, and the incoming calls like a ringing sensation out in over worldwide. People of all experience, gender-specific and rush have been trained to simultaneously to entail adjust. Honor one, nobility George, and then make sufficient is different make the police the answer – and definitely not the issue. Hold them liable when they do one thing unfitting. Teach one what it takes to take care of individuals with empathy and recognition. Teach these guys what on earth necessary strength is. Teach one that is actually deadly strength ought to be used hardly and just when life is at risk.

“George wasn’t hurting anyone that day. He didn’t deserve to die over twenty dollars. I am asking you, is that what a black man’s life is worth? Twenty dollars? This is 2020. Enough is enough. The people marching in the streets are telling you enough is enough. Be the leaders that this country, this world, needs. Do the right thing.

“The people chosen that you definitely represent them, to make positive change. George’s name means something. You have the benefit here like the titles mean something, also.

“If his death ends up changing the world for the better. And I think it will. I think it has. Then he died as he lived. It is on you to make sure his death isn’t in vain. I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to Perry while he was here. I was robbed of that. But, I know he’s looking down on us now. Perry, look at what you did, big brother. You’re changing the world. Thank you for everything. For taking care of us when you were on Earth, and for taking care of all of us now. I hope you found mama and can rest in peace and power.”