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Grammy Awards organizers tighten conflict of interest rules, say show to go ahead in January

LOS ANGELES Organizers of this very year round Grammy Awards on Wednesday previewed tipsier regulations regarding skirmishes of curiosity after promises that often noms regarding the highest honors among the music profession were actually stacked.

They also said the next Grammy Awards tell might go ahead well in January 2021, although the coronavirus problem having sidelined numerous cultural events.

Under the new principles, sold due to Recording Academy, constituents of the a board that appoint performers when it comes to the Grammys must state prior to travelling whether they have any personal, kids and other ties to really artists being considered.

A failure tends under their own accord divulge these kinds of relations will be a reason of the partner being closed from involved in the method sooner or later.

Allegations the fact that the Grammy noms technique is imperfect were really made in a complaint coordinate in January due to former chief executive of the Recording Academy, Deborah Dugan.

The college then described Dugan’s promises that its members poked performers they include connections with as “categorically false, misleading and wrong.” Dugan was later terminated.

All the changes and additionally the rules regarding the Grammy Awards will be posted on the Recording Academy’s location to indicate an “ongoing commitment to evolve with the musical landscape and to ensure that the GRAMMY Awards nominating process and rules are more transparent and fair,” the college said in a very special testimony.

Recording Academy space director Harvey Mason Jr. instructed Variety with in check out on Wednesday that in fact arranging for the 2021 Grammys on Jan. 31 was underway, with three possible choices being considered.

“One is the traditional show with the full crowd, two is a limited crowd, and three is no crowd, and there’s creative around all three of those ideas: how and where we would film it. But none of them involve changing or postponing the date,” Mason said.