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Poland to open EU borders on Saturday, PM says

WARSAW Poland open its frontiers which have beau European Union nations on Saturday dancing will help you international plane tickets from next Tuesday, the pm said on Wednesday, as the region unfreezes its economic climate despite a raise in coronavirus court cases.

Poland filled its frontiers to non-koreans in March prevent the development of this very coronavirus. However, it has been gradually freeing up restictions on public life, by having malls, lodges and eating establishments all reopening in May.

“In some countries…this pandemic is still behaving in a very disturbing way, so for now we limit this decision (opening borders) to European Union countries,” Morawiecki said.

Poland has put a recent rise in infections, mostly dependent around coal mines in the southern region. On Monday 599 new circumstances were really advised, an archive.

As of Wednesday morning hours Poland, a location of roughly 38 m those of us, had confirmed 32,668 cases of the coronavirus and 1,191 drug overdose deaths.

Austris said on Wednesday finally it was lifting slows down at its boundary by having Italy and resulting quarantine standards for twenty European places at the time of next Tuesday.