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Tommy Chong Doesn’t Trust CBD

Did I hear that correctly? Tommy Chong, the human drug test comedian, doesn’t think CBD is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Well, not exactly. He’s not completely writing off CBD, but he is highly skeptical of a lot of the major brands on the market.

“There’s a lot of snake oil salesmen out there. You gotta really know what and who you are buying from.” When asked to elaborate on the subject, he proceeded to go into detail and laid out a couple of key things you should be looking at in order to determine what brands are worth your hard earned money.

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Look for brands that say they are full spectrum
Full spectrum CBD is a way of saying that it’s as close to the raw hemp plant as possible. This means it’s more likely to contain all the other positive elements in addition to just the CBD. Naturally occuring fatty acids, protein and terpines can all be found in full spectrum CBD.

Nano is superior
Nano CBD is made through a special emulsification process. There’s an extremely technical process to make it, but essentially what makes it better is that it is faster acting. The smaller particles created through the emulsion allow it to slip into your blood stream through your mouth instead of traveling through your body and getting processed by the liver where it is much less effective. Not only is it more effective, it will ultimately save you money as you need to use a lot less to get the same benefits.

While Tommy has his own brand of CBD products that meet those guidelines, he insisted that finding the right brand often varies person to person. “My team makes a pretty solid product and I stand behind it, but I always tell people to go what they have the best results with”.